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Walter Leal is a brazilian hairdresser and visagist. His work is guided by a sensitive approach, which combines technique and intuition to strengthen confidence and self-esteem, promoting personal transformation through hair care. In the search for authentic manifestations, it avoids the reproduction of patterns and stereotypes, starting from the understanding of the physical characteristics, the biography and the context of each individual to create and to reveal qualities. With precise and careful gestures, translates subjectivities visually, bringing up what we want for our image, weaving real connections between how we feel and how we see ourselves.
With an extensive and very diverse practical background, specialization in international courses as at the Vidal Sassoon Academy (United States) and Toni Guy (London), and important awards such as Hairdresser Revelation by the magazine Cabelos & Cia, Leal works with a holistic approach around the idea of a real, natural beauty.
From aesthetics to hair health, his work fronts are divided into the following three axis:




From Walter Leal’s experiences and skills, Leal Visagism was born, a company whose mission is to provide access to all who wish, through beauty products and services, to contribute to the strengthening of self-esteem and the image of real-life and fictional characters.


Visionary as its founder, Leal Visagism seeks to recognize the excellence of its products and services, relying on the following fundamentals:


Loyalty is what sustains the relationships we create with our customers, employees and partners.


Excellence is what we seek as we develop the necessary competences to attend everyone.


Access is what we are committed to offer for those interested in contributing to the strengthening of self-esteem and the image of real-life and fictional characters.


Legacy will be receiving recognition for contributing to the access and self-esteem of all who trust in our work.




It’s 3 years of working with the creation of characters images, for Netflix series, Rede Globo and Record TV. Nowadays, with Leal Vagism, we are responsible for all the visagism of novels like Jezabel, Apocalipse and Topíssima.


Working in the hair salon for 8 years, Walter Leal attends every week at the Iguatemi Mall in São Paulo, a diversity of clients, that make all the difference in his life and his work. It is easy to find celebrities there, who leave in his hands the responsibility of creating a new concept of beauty.

His team is highly trained and assumes the whole process, from the development of a concept to it’s accomplishment. All the projects incorporate an unique artistic image. The main objective is to illustrate the values and individuality of those who trust in our work, through the design and beauty.

Services: Haircut, Hair Care and Coloring.

Courses and lectures.

‘Nobody ignores everything. No one knows everything. We all know something. We all ignore something. That’s why we always learn!’ This phrase from the great educator Paulo Freire reveals what we believe about human development. You have to be constantly learning and getting self-knowledge.

That is why Leal Visagism offers – to all who think and dream like us – access to the information, knowledge and experiences of the beauty market, lived by Walter and his team.


Composed by multi-disciplinary professionals and highly trained and committed experts, Leal team is the difference of our company. Supported by a humanized leadership, each employee has the self-motivation necessary to meet the needs and desires of our customers, partners and suppliers, with the quality and the respect they deserve.

Filipe Motta



We would be nothing without them! Hands down! Our clients are the center of our work. Together with the partners, we work unceasingly to offer the best products and services, with the excellence they deserve.
We maintain an ethical and collaborative relationship with our partners, which strengthen our excellence and support us to give access to all who wish to dream with us. Gratitude to all of you!




  • Shopping Iguatemi
  • Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2232
  • Jardim Paulistano – 9º Andar
  • (11) 94795-2751


  • São Paulo
  • (55 21) 98607-9512


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